Sunday, July 10, 2011

State of Origin, among other things

I know it was a few days ago, but WOOHOO! GO THE MAROONS!!!!! It was an awesome game, but it was horrible to see the pain on Thurston's face when he got his knee bent backwards!!! ouchy!!

Last week I had a day working with the jeweller I am most likely going to do an apprenticeship with next year! It was really good, though I'm really going to have to work on my stamina so I can make it through a six-hour shift without dying. Well, without almost dying.

Yesterday I went to a medieval festival with some friends. It was pretty tiring, and I didn't bring enough money to buy me enough food to keep me going, and I didn't think to bring any of my own, so I was feeling pretty lousy by the end of the day! Though I must say that the German honey-something sausages were really yummy! I only had one, but I probably would have bought another had my money not run out! There was jousting, and archery, and swordfighting, but they were mainly spectator stuff: you couldn't really take part. There were lots of people, about half of which were in some sort of costume. Some of the costumes were absolutely awesome!
Oh, and in the leaflet with the timetable in it, there was an ad for a Pride and Prejudice picnic at the same place, so my friends and I are planning to go to that one too!!!

And lastly, on Friday night I went and saw Kung Fu Panda 2! At one part I was laughing so hard, I was really having trouble breathing!! And I also almost cried, actually I did cry, in one of the scenes. And I don't usually cry in movies! The last time I cried in a movie, it was Prince Caspian, when most of the soldiers get stuck inside Miraz's castle.... yeah that was sad... but I haven't cried in that scene more than once...... Wow, that was deep... I'm really rambling aren't I.... well it is 11 pm, so I should wrap it up here!