Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Camp 2011

Well, I guess I should write a post about camp before it's New Year's! :P

Camp, as always, was lots of fun. I was sick in the weeks leading up to it, so I was freaking out about not being able to go, but luckily, I was able to!

We arrived on Monday, unpacked, etc., and frankly, I have forgotten the rest of the day until we had choir practice for the Confirmation and Communion Mass on Tuesday.
Tuesday started with going to the church early to have another practice before the real thing. And during the real thing, I am of the opinon that we sounded pretty good! :P After Mass we came back to the campsite and had a bit of a party for the people who were confirmed and who received their First Communion. On Tuesday night there was an epic trivia night run by Mrs R.
On Wednesday morning we all went to the local rock-pools to look at all the interesting little critters in the water. I particularly liked this starfish:

On Wednesday night there was a dance. It was lots of fun, and I helped my friend teach everyone swing dancing. Pretty much all the teenage boys were dancing, which, I think, is almost unbelievable! :P The most-played song of the night, I think it's safe to say, was Hey, Soul Sister, by Train. It was heaps of fun, but sadly I didn't take any pictures.... I was having too much fun dancing!

Thursday was sportsday, but I didn't participate in the actual competition, as I was, along with the other teenage girls, helping the parents with organization and such.

Thursday night was the concert night. Five of my friends and I performed a polished performance of assorted beer songs (shocking, I know!) and then later I sang "What is This Feeling" from the musical Wicked with another of my friends.
Then comes the all-nighter. It has become a camp tradition for the older teenagers to stay up all night on the last night. I've done it three years running. :)  Early in the night (relatively speaking), after the concert, there was a bonfire on the beach, with marshmallows, of course.
Here's a picture of the fire with the moon behind it: 

After the bonfire, we all went back to the main hall in the campsite and ate ridiculous amounts of sugar to keep us going all night. There was, of course, the softdrink drinking competition, which is always great to watch.
This series of pictures of the guys' group photo is awesome (at least I think so):
Just so you know, they put him down quite gently; they didn't actually drop him, as the photos suggest! :P

Of course, once morning comes, almost everyone was almost asleep, but no one really got to sleep until everything was packed back into cars and the campsite was cleaned up. Then we said our goodbyes and headed home!

The next day, almost everyone got sick with a nasty tummy bug, but hey, I think it was worth it! :)

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